Strategies For Keeping Your Parking Lot In Good Shape


Regular attention to maintenance and minor repair work is important for keeping an asphalt parking lot looking nice and preventing new problems from getting bigger. To some extent, the parking lot is a reflection of your business and part of the first impression people have when they drive in. Follow some strategies that maintain the lot between appointments for seal coating, repaving, and painting. 

Routinely Inspect the Lot 

You or a trusted employee should walk around the entire lot at least weekly and identify any problems that have developed. 

Have the Lot Swept Regularly

Dirt, sand, leaves, tree seeds, cigarette butts, candy wrappers and other items that settle on asphalt gradually cause the pavement to deteriorate and detract from the lot's appearance. 

If the parking lot is small enough for an employee or two to manually sweep it with a push broom, have them do so as needed. If the lot is bigger, buy or rent a light-duty or heavy-duty push sweeper that picks up debris. Sweeper trucks are best for large lots that get a great deal of traffic.

Reduce Stains From Oil & Other Vehicle Fluids

Fluids that drip from vehicles cause asphalt to deteriorate. If your lot is large, it's probably not practical to manage this problem on your own. However, if the lot is small, you or an employee can do some cleanup when fluid stains appear.

Soak up excess fluid with an absorbent rag, then apply powdered laundry detergent, baking soda or dish soap that is designed for grease removal. Add water, scrub in the substance with a brush and allow it to stand for at least a half hour. Then rinse the spot with a hose. 

Eliminate Small Weeds 

Weeds are tenacious and find the strength to grow through the tiniest pavement holes and cracks. They'll create bigger flaws in the pavement if not eliminated quickly. 

Walk the lot and address areas where greenery is erupting. Herbicide is effective, but if you're uncomfortable using toxic chemicals, try more natural solutions. White vinegar kills a variety of plants. If you can get a good grip on a plant, you can simply pull it up by the roots. 

After you get rid of weeds, apply cold patch asphalt to repair these small flaws in the pavement. The products are available at hardware and home improvement stores. 

Contact Parking Lot Maintenance Services

If you don't have the time or the inclination to do these projects yourself and don't want to delegate them to an employee, contact parking lot maintenance services for quotes. Avoid putting off work that should be done promptly. Keeping the lot in tip-top shape helps create a good impression and prevents bigger problems from developing.

For more information, look for a local Campbell River parking lot maintenance company. 


22 July 2015

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