Pothole Repair Vs. Pothole Patching: How And Why They Are Done


You might assume that a pothole patch fixes a pothole, and so it does for a short while. However, a true pothole repair is much more involved than just filling the hole. Here are the key differences between pothole repair and pothole patching and how and why one is used over the other.

Pothole Patching Just Fills The Hole Temporarily

You can fill a pothole with just about anything and it will be considered "patched" until the next time it needs to be filled. The very short-term approach is to fill the hole with gravel, the larger the gravel stone the better so that car wheels do not get caught in the former pothole and just spin in an attempt to get out. Another type of patch is to fill the hole with quick drying concrete or thick, tarry substance often referred to as "crack filler". Both are effective enough that the pothole is filled and can support weight just long enough for the provincial government to start road construction on that stretch of street.

Pothole Repair Is More Permanent And Messier

Pothole repair addresses the underlying problems of the pothole; the shifting of the ground under the hole, the wearing away of the asphalt, the cracking and buckling of the road caused by summer heat. The first step in a proper pothole repair is to tear up the street around the hole. Next, the street is leveled and tamped down. Then the street is layered with fresh new gravel and a layer of concrete. At this point, no potholes remain as the entire street is nice, flat and even. Finally, the paving contractors add a thick coat of asphalt over the top and present the city and/or province with a brand new street, free of potholes for several more years to come.

Pothole Patching Is Often A Precursor To More Repairs 

It is quite common to fill or patch potholes on high traffic streets until such a time that the street can be completely redone. Certain streets and roads may even have pothole patches on the ends farthest from the construction of new road just to keep travel safer for motorists. As the road construction expands outward, the patched potholes are blocked from traffic and the patches (as well as the surrounding road) are removed so that the potholes and the road are repaired entirely.

As chunks of new road are ready for travel, the contractor opens these stretches up to motorists while gradually closing off the other areas where the potholes and cracks have taken over. The patching and repairing process continues until the entire road is complete.Check into paving by Pavement Solutions Inc., for more information.



5 October 2015

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