Pothole Repair Vs. Pothole Patching: How And Why They Are Done


You might assume that a pothole patch fixes a pothole, and so it does for a short while. However, a true pothole repair is much more involved than just filling the hole. Here are the key differences between pothole repair and pothole patching and how and why one is used over the other. Pothole Patching Just Fills The Hole Temporarily You can fill a pothole with just about anything and it will be considered "

5 October 2015

Strategies For Keeping Your Parking Lot In Good Shape


Regular attention to maintenance and minor repair work is important for keeping an asphalt parking lot looking nice and preventing new problems from getting bigger. To some extent, the parking lot is a reflection of your business and part of the first impression people have when they drive in. Follow some strategies that maintain the lot between appointments for seal coating, repaving, and painting.  Routinely Inspect the Lot  You or a trusted employee should walk around the entire lot at least weekly and identify any problems that have developed.

22 July 2015

Asphalt Curing, Cracking, And Sealing: How To Extend The Life Of Asphalt Pavement


The difference between a gravel road and a paved road is in the binder that holds asphalt together. While many people think of asphalt as a solid surface, it is in fact made up mostly of aggregate, or coarse material that may include crushed rocks and stones, sand, and broken cement. Unlike a loose gravel road, however, this aggregate is mixed with an asphalt binder to create the "solid" pavement of an asphalt road.

9 July 2015